Shania Twain "Definitely" Wants to Collaborate With Post Malone, Plans to Jam With Diplo

December 10, 2019

Photo by Jordan Strauss Invision AP


When it comes to today's hottest pop and hip-hop hitmakers, Shania Twain is all, "Come on Over!" The country icon tells People she was serious when she said last month on The Talk that she's written a duet for Post Malone. “I’m not strategizing. If he doesn’t want it, it’s no problem, but I have definitely [written a song for him,]” she explains. “So we’ll see. I’m a fan of his anyway. I really love it. I love his voice.” Meanwhile, Twain also tells ET that DJ Diplo--who, along with Malone, totally fan-boyed over her at the American Music Awards--has made plans to hang with her at her new Las Veags residency. “He's gonna come to the show!” the 54-year-old Twain says. “And, when he does, I’ll make sure that we have a chance to maybe jam backstage and have a couple guitars back there.”