Eddie Murphy Hints He May Give Up Making Movies to Do Standup Full-Time

October 28, 2019

Photo by Richard Shotwell Invision AP

Eddie Murphy has been hinting at a return to standup comedy--and now he tells The Wall Street Journal he may give up making movies entirely to get back onstage. “Once I get back onstage, I kind of feel like that’s what I was born to do more than anything,” the 58-year-old Murphy says. “When I get back on the stage, I can’t imagine wanting to do movies again." He continued, Once I get back onstage again, I want to do whatever, be funny—I can do that whenever I want to. You know? But making movies? Being an old dude in the movies? That’s not it." This past Friday, Murphy likewise told Al Roker on TODAY that he'll start performing at comedy clubs to prepare for the Netflix standup special he plans to shoot in 2020. "You gotta go to the clubs," he explained. "I haven’t started doing that yet."