Which Teams Might Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard & Kyrie Irving Sign With on Sunday?

June 28, 2019

AP Photo/File

NBA free agents can declare which team they plan to play for next season beginning this Sunday, although the ink won't officially dry until a bit later. This year's crop is the most talented it's been in recent memory, with the likes of Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving contemplating a change of address. In an exhaustive look at what could happen in the next few days, The Athletic's 11 NBA experts think KD, Kawhi and Kyrie are likeliest to end up with the following squads:

  1. Kevin Durant: Warriors (5 votes), Nets (3), Knicks (2). While most experts think Durant, who will likely sit out all of next year with an Achilles injury, will stay in the Bay, there are those who think he'll head to one of the Big Apple's two teams--and that the Knicks are a more "chaotic" than the Nets. (That's an understatement if there ever was one.)
  2. Kawhi Leonard: Raptors (7), Clippers (4). Why would Leonard--a Southern California native who's now a folk hero in Canada-- leave Toronto's defending NBA champion squad? Because, as one expert puts it, "I just think he wants to be in L.A.--and not with the Lakers."
  3. Kyrie Irving: Nets (11 votes). Everyone agreed that there's way too much smoke for Irving and the Nets not to be building a fire together.