Jeff Bezos Asks Judge to Toss Defamation Suit Filed by Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez's Brother

February 6, 2020

Photo by AP Photo Rafiq Maqbool, File

Jeff Bezos has fired back at girlfriend Lauren Sanchez's brother after he sued the Amazon founder for defamation last week. The New York Post reports that Bezos has asked a judge to toss Michael Sanchez's lawsuit, which he says is just a thinly veiled attempt to extract money from the billionaire. “Extortion rears its head again,” reads a portion of Bezos' filing, submitted to an L.A. court on Monday. “The complaint fabricates defamatory statements to manufacture a basis for a lawsuit.” Meanwhile, Business Insider calls Bezos' filing "an all-out assault that accuses [Sanchez] eight times of betraying his own family." As one passage in the 24-page filing reads, "Dozens of news organization have reported on who disclosed Mr. Bezos' texts to the Enquirer—reporting at the heart of the First Amendment. This reporting has exposed the appalling truth that Michael Sanchez betrayed his sister by selling her out to the Enquirer by providing it with personal information and text messages after he was paid $200,000." In his lawsuit, Sanchez alleges that Bezos spread a false rumor about him by claiming that Michael leaked his nude photos to The National Enquirer. Last month, feds likewise said they came across evidence that Michael sold images to the tabloid for $200,000.