What Are the Best & Worst Vegetables to Put on a Sandwich?

June 24, 2020

Photo by  Sarah E Crowder via AP

In this week's VICE Funbag, columnist Drew Magary is asked what his most and least favorite vegetables to put on a sandwich are. His rankings are below:


  1. Iceberg lettuce. I’m not even sure iceberg lettuce counts as a vegetable. It has all the nutritional value of a kite. But I do enjoy a fat layer of iceberg inside any sandwich or burger I eat. I need that crunch, amigo.
  2. Anything pickled. I could go the full yuppie and nominate pickled red onions, but really any pickle will do. Gives me the fabled HIT OF ACID to balance out the 12 pounds of capicola.


  1. Tomatoes. I love raw tomatoes, but on a sandwich they get in the way. The slices usually come from a bad tomato. They also still manage to overpower the taste of everything else between the bread before slipping out. They’re annoying.
  2. Olives. If you consider olives a fruit and not a vegetable, whatever. I still want them to stay away from my Panini.